Patrice Muchowski, Sc.D (officer at large)
VP Adcare Hospital
Worcester, MA

Kathie Metzger (officer at large)
Senior VP Medicare / Fallon Community Health Plan
Medicaid Programs. Worcester, MA

John Casey (officer at large)
J.R. Casey Counseling/Therapist

CHARLES LIDZ, Ph.D (president)
Director, Center for Mental Health Services
UMass Medical School
Worcester, MA

Deputy Chancellor, Commonwelath Medicine, Emeritus
UMass Medical School
Worcester, MA

Geriatric Support Services, Montachusett Home Care
Leominster, MA

Community Volunteer

President/ Rotman's Furniture
Worcester, MA

Genesis Member
Worcester, MA

Genesis Member
Worcester, MA

Unum Corp.
Worcester, MA

Dir. Dept. of Auxiliary Services / UMass Medical School
Worcester, MA

TOM J. PIER (president)
Nypro, Inc.
ERP Transformation Leader
Clinton, MA

WALTER CUNNINGHAM (vice president)
Genesis Member
Worcester, MA

KAREN KENNEDY (secretary)
Genesis Member
Worcester, MA

ROY BOURGEOIS, Esq. (treasurer)
Attorney/Bourgeois, Dresser, White & Beard
Worcester, MA

Lord and Benoit, CPA
Poweround, Inc.

Genesis Member
Worcester, MA

Robert Bureau
Prof. Assumption College
Worcester, MA

Edwin Carlson
Director / EB Carlson Co.
Worcester, MA

Community Volunteer
Paxton, MA

Director of Public Sector Psychiatry
UMass Medical School/ Worcester, MA

Director of Finance, Saint-Gobain Corp.
Worcester, MA

VP Senior Benefits Analyst
Winslow, Evans & Crocker

Regional Director Chartwells
Worcester, MA

Patrice M. Muchowski
Adcare Hospital
Past President
Genesis Club Board of Directors
Genesis Leadership
Our long standing mission has been to assist individuals in recovery from mental illness in attaining education, employment, housing, wellness and friendships. A very tall order.  We often see individuals entering Genesis Club in the depths of their mental illness and difficulties. Most are unemployed, some are homeless, many living in poverty, fighting addiction and in poor physical health.

Our long standing commitment has been to provide a place of hope, a place of dignity and a place of real opportunity for all those individuals living with a mental illness.I believe in 2012, the Genesis Club community of members, staff, Board, employers, landlords, educational institutes, funders and friends have accomplished this very tall order. We served our largest number of members in the past 24 years. Our members returning to employment, education, wellness and sustaining housing again reached record numbers. But more importantly, hundreds of members in 2012 had the courage to say ‘yes, I would like the opportunity to try’.

Many have found that as a member of Genesis Club recovery is possible.  Robert Bureau talked eloquently about his journey at our Building Dreams Breakfast last November and the stories in the following pages from Luke, Dana and Elizabeth give us all hope that indeed recovery is possible.

In 2013, Genesis Club will be celebrating our 25th year of operation. The Genesis Club opened its doors on September 15th, 1988 with twelve founding members and a few staff.   Looking back, we had a very strong start due to the commitment of our founding board members, the staff and Rudyard Propst from Fountain House.

However, we are clear that the journey is long and at times difficult. The need for education, housing, employment and wellness will increase. We know that more members are finding the courage to say “yes give us the opportunity to try”.  We are confident that the Genesis Club will continue to respond to these emerging needs in our 25th year and the many, many years to follow.

    - Kevin Bradley, Executive Director
    - Tom Pier, President, Board of Directors
Board of Directors

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Genesis Club, Inc.
274 Lincoln Street
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Tel. (508) 831-0100
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Tom Pier
Nypro, Inc.
Board of Directors

Genesis has had a very good year. In spite of the very difficult economic times and the 15th year of level funding from our primary funder, we have continued to grow and develop new programs and opportunities for our members. We have been able to expand employment opportunities even in the face of very high unemployment for the country as a whole. Our wellness program continues to improve the physical well-being of many members. The Genesis Young Adult Program has become a model for clubhouses around the country and we are all extremely proud of it.

Our ability to grow our membership and our services is due in large part to the diligent work of our members. Genesis is largely a service that members provide  support to each other. However, it has also been facilitated by better fund raising. Our Building Dreams Breakfast, headlined this year by singer songwriter Meg Hutchinson, was an enormous success and we have been able to get more grant funding. Both of these contribute to organizational flexibility that is so important in our ability to innovate.

Because Genesis members work in partnership we have been able to function with a relatively small staff and this past year we have been able to modestly increase their salaries and benefits. The entire Board of Directors understands the commitment and passion of the entire staff in fulfilling the Genesis Club mission of hope and recovery.
Dr. Charles W. Lidz is a Research Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Massachusetts. 
Patrice Muchowski, Sc. D.
Vice President, Clinical Services
AdCare Hospital
Charles Lidz
UMass Medical School
Past President
Genesis Club Board of Directors
Kevin L. Bradley,
Executive Director