Genesis Club’s Virtual Clubhouse

The pandemic hit at the heart of what a clubhouse is, but we quickly realized that while we can’t be together in the same way we were, we can still be a caring community, regardless of where we are located physically. To accommodate social distancing and expand our impact, many of our Clubhouse resources and supports are available online and remotely.

Take A Tour and Talk!

New member tours and orientation can now be done completely online! Contact us at (508) 831-0100 Extension 103 to set a up a live remote tour of Genesis Club.

During “drop-in” virtual office hours (TBD), Genesis Club staff and members are available to answer questions from anyone. Pop open the “Chat With Us” button on the right of this page and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

24/7 Online Community for Staff and Members

The launch of our new Slack Community Workspace means Genesis Club members and staff can virtually connect any time they want, from anywhere through a web browser or the Slack app. With channels for work units, member chat, announcements, and direct messaging capabilities, our community stays connected. Members, please contact for an invitation to our Genesis Club Workspace and instructions on how to get started with Slack.

Our Virtual Doors Are Open

Employment Assistance

We connect with members through video conferencing and document sharing to help with finding jobs, submitting resumes, and networking with other job seekers.

Education Support

Through video and phone calls, Genesis Club helps members explore educational programs, navigate the admissions process, apply for financial aid, and enroll in courses remotely. Members receive support specifically designed to keep them enrolled and successful each semester.

Virtual Meetings

Our daily house-wide video calls and virtual unit meetings are attended by dozens of members each day and are designed to keep everyone up-to-date and engaged with what is happening at the Clubhouse.

Virtual Wellness Checks

We talk with nearly 100 members each day to check if they have everything they need to remain in good health, and to ensure they know they are not alone during this crisis. Members choose how they want us to reach out to them and how often, with the option of receiving text messages, phone calls, and video calls.

Tech Assistance

We help members attain mobile devices and teach members to access remote learning, submit online forms, and participate in video calls and meetings.

Remote Work

Dozens of onsite work opportunities are now “hybrid” and done in partnership with one person at the clubhouse, and the other working remotely. Remote work opportunities help members stay safe and build skills needed to enter the workforce.

Telehealth Support

We help members connect with their medical providers so there is no interruption in treatment or therapies.

Social Programs

While the coronavirus remains unchecked, our weekend social and cultural events are accessible online. Whether it’s learning a new recipe, sharing your favorite craft, or talking sports, Saturday socials are fun, casual ways for members to build friendships and stay connected.

Member Online Schedule

Morning MeetingAll staff and membersMonday through Friday 9am-9:30WebEx
Clubhouse Unit MeetingsKitchen, Membership and Career Development Units
(To organize the work of the week)
Mondays & Thursdays 
10, 11, & noon respectively
Clubhouse Unit MeetingsBusiness, Training and Development, and Environmental and Facilities UnitsTuesdays & Fridays 
10, 11, & noon 
Job Seekers MeetingMembers looking for work or currently working.Tuesdays 
Housing Assistance MeetingMembers needing housing supportWednesdays
2:00 PM
Young Adults MeetingMembers 17 – 25Wednesdays 
11:00 AM
Older Adults MeetingMembers 55 and overWednesday 
12:00 PM
Program MeetingStaff required, members encouragedThursdays
Club Ed: Learn about Clubhouse StandardsStaff required, members encouragedWednesdays 
Saturday Social Connections: Cooking, book discussions, sports chat, lunch, coffeeAll members are welcomeSaturdays 
11:00 – 2:00
 HolidaysAll members are welcomeWebEx